Illustrated by Barroux

Kids Can Press, August 2014

ISBN: 978-1-894786-52-2

"Now who needs a song
or a nap or a treat
with ten tickly toes
on two funny feet?"
This rhyming read-aloud celebrates baby's first playthings—his toes!—and baby's first accomplishment—discovering to his great delight that he can grab hold of those "runaway, fun-all-day tickly toes." Enjoy a delightful milestone with this oversized baby board book that guarantees giggles for both parents and their little ones.


Kirkus Reviews

Every milestone in a baby’s life calls for celebration. A mother and father tickle their baby’s tummy, sing songs, and offer treats and toys. ... But when they wiggle and count and kiss his toes, this tea-colored baby laughs and squeals joyfully. Then: an amazing discovery. The baby pulls off those toe-confining booties, kicks and curls, stretches and reaches and grabs those toes! The tot glows with accomplishment and surprise and enjoys the whole endeavor enormously. Of course the proud parents encourage it all and beam with joy at this success.  ...rhymes beg to be read aloud as they speak directly to the baby in the story and to little listeners snuggled up for a bedtime story and perhaps a toe-tickling of their own. A lovely addition to the bedtime storybook shelf. (Board book. 1-4)


"The jaunty, bouncing rhymes in this board book are a paean to piggies (the toes, that is). A rotund baby loves his toes more than anything else: “Who needs a song / or a nap or a treat / with ten tickly toes / on two funny feet?” Thick brushstrokes of acrylic with sketchy penciled outlines depict the baby underwhelmed by bath toys, stuffed animals, and a big red rattle, but as soon as he gets his shoes off and his toes in his hands, he puts on a big, silly grin. The lively rhythm and playful illustrations will surely elicit giggles, not to mention tickles."

—Sarah Hunter