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Thanks for sending me all these pictures, letters and photographs! Please keep them coming! There's room for lots more.


From a young friend named Chloe in Kenya! Her family helped create the Flipflopi,

a traditional dhow made of discarded flip flops and other plastic that is sailing

the African coast to call attention to plastic pollution. Yay, Chloe! Find out more at

      Thanks to art teacher Daniela Marini for sharing her kindergarteners' paintings of

      SPIKE, THE MIXED-UP MONSTER! I love them! 

Five-month-old Molina's grandmother is French so she's getting an early

start reading up on THE TOOTH MOUSE!

                           Lara, age 4, at the Pequot Children's Book Festival

    SPIKE by Grace, age 5 1/2


The Tooth Fairy meets the Tooth Mouse! Thanks to the Brownie Troop at Holland Hill School

for all these great pictures!